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    Casual Hairstyles A casual hairstyle is unstructured, free-flowing, easy-going, and nice and quick to create. They are pretty much self styling, meaning you can ...

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    The definition of casual is someone or something relaxed, occasional, not planned or informal.

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    Men's Hairstyles - Casual. Men’s casual hairstyles can be described as free-flowing, easy-going, and ones that falls into place on their own. These types of ...

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    Le casual day, casual Friday ou dress-down Friday est une coutume selon laquelle le personnel d'une entreprise peut s'habiller de manière décontractée le vendredi ...

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    A casual game is a video game targeted at or used by a mass audience of casual gamers. Casual games can have any type of gameplay, and fit in any genre.

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    The Insiders' Source for Outdoor Style - Providing retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and designers with information about the casual furnishings industry.

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    Social norms and moral concerns. Attitudes to casual sex range from conservative and religious views, the extreme of which may result in imprisonment or even capital ...

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    Le casual game (littéralement « jeu occasionnel ») est un jeu vidéo destiné au large public des joueurs occasionnels (casual gamer). Contrairement à l'idée ...

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    Between fast food and fine dining lies the rapidly growing fast casual business sector. It's market share is growing. Are profits growing too?

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    Your clients and your customers share an appreciation for living life outdoors. Casual Market Chicago shares that passion too, and brings the biggest selection of ...